4 April 2017

Envy apple becomes National Chomp-ion in Apple Madness Tournament

Envy apples won over the taste buds of many Americans as they were voted America’s favorite apple in U.S. Apple Association’s Apple Madness tournament. The tournament pitted 32 different apple varieties against each other in a five-week, five-round online competition.

Envy went up against some apple veterans and new up-and-comers. Some notable round wins include Granny Smith, Fuji and Honeycrisp.

In round 2, the Vitamin-C Sixteen, one of the sweetest apple varieties, Envy, faced one of the tartest, Granny Smith. This was one of the closest rounds but Envy fans did not let up.

In round 4, the Fiber Four, Envy went against Fuji apples, a classic apple that goes back to the days of Thomas Jefferson. In this round Envy won more than double the votes!

In the final round, the National Chomp-ionship pitted Honeycrisp and Envy against each other, two apples with large fan bases. However, Envy fans came together to defeat Honeycrisp, crowning Envy apples the winner of the second annual Apple Madness. 

North America