13 June 2018

Simple Summer Snacks

Ahh, summertime. The sun is out, the grass is green, and the snacks are oh-so sweet! Even more so when Envy™ apples are involved. From cinnamon sugar Envy™ apple chips to our Envy™ apple and strawberry swirl sorbet, we’ve got quite a few simple summer snacks up our sleeves. Which one will become your new favorite?

Envy™ Apple & Strawberry Swirl Sorbet

Hot and sunny summer days call for a fresh frozen treat! Our Envy™ apple and strawberry swirl sorbet is just that. Full of fresh Envy™ apples, California Giant strawberries, lemon juice, and your favorite sweetener, it’s the most flavorful way to cool down.

Cinnamon Sugar Envy™ Apple Chips

There’s nothing like a little bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Baked Envy™ apples topped with ground cinnamon and sugar make the perfect sweet, crisp chip! Be sure to double (or triple) the recipe – these go fast!

Envy™ Apple & Avocado Salsa

Chips and salsa are a summertime staple! But don’t get burnt out on the same boring salsa. Upgrade to our Envy™ apple and avocado salsa, full of sweet heat and fresh flavor! From tomatoes to jalapenos, avocados, and of course, Envy™ apples, this salsa is to-die-for!

Envy™ Tropical Smoothie

What’s more refreshing than an ice-cold smoothie on a hot summer day? Not much. Take a trip to the tropics with our tropical smoothie, full of Envy™ apples, banana, pineapple, orange and coconut!

For more Envy-able recipes, click here! Happy snacking!

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